Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of PSB Accreditation?

This would give you assurance that your forwarder is legally operating and not just a fly-by-night company.


With a requisite license, you can be guaranteed that your cargoes will reach its proper destination and without any tampering of the goods inside.


PAMBATO Cargo Forwarder’s branches specifically in our VISMIN areas are ALL accredited by Philippine Shippers Bureau.  This means that we actually have our own warehouse and employees who will handle your cargoes from door to door. No Agents or Subcontractors.


How would you know if your current forwarder is accredited by PSB?

Philippine Shippers Bureau of DTI will issue a CERTIFICATE of Accreditation for EACH accredited locations/warehouse. Ask your current forwarder for a copy of these certificates as a proof that their branches are ALL accredited by PSB.


What is Pambato Cargo’s Freight service area?

PAMBATO Cargo Forwarder’s core service area includes the Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.  More than 17 warehouses are strategically located through this region. PAMBATO Cargo serves the entire country.  We cater Sea, Air and Luzon Freight.


How do I find transit times?

You will need to ask our appraisers or Business Development Officers on the closest vessels departure.  Please be reminded that there are some vessels schedules that are not fixed and could be changed anytime. We advise to book your cargoes a week or two prior to the vessels departure schedule.


What types of freight do you ship or deliver?

PAMBATO Cargo Forwarder ships and delivers all types of General Commodities.  ALL illegal items (fireworks, pirated items, explosive items, etc) are not allowed and prohibited by law.

How do I contact or schedule a pick in Metro Manila area?

You may call our pick up numbers at 02-8244-2925,    02-8741-4697,     02-8925-0172.  Please note that there are some areas that we require a pick up charge.  Please ask the supervisor for more details.

How do I fill out a claim and how quickly do you settle claims?

Please contact your assigned Business Development Officer if you have claims so we could coordinate it with our Billing department, otherwise, please contact our Claim Officer at 0923-7384890.  On average, it takes 30 days to process a claim since we conduct a thorough incident investigation about the said damages or lost cargoes.


You could download the Claim form on our company website and submit it to your assigned Business Development Officer, otherwise, address it to our IQA Department.

What are the factors that you consider when doing pricing?

There are lots of factors that we consider when we are doing customize and special pricing such as volume, weight, declared value, special handling, deliver and pick up location, and personnel required to handle the cargoes.

What is the information that you will need upon booking?
  • Shipper Name
  • Complete Address –for pick up, provide a sketch
  • Contact Number –phone numbers(home, office, sun cellular phone if any)
  • Contact Person – for pick up
  • Consignee – who will pay
  • Consignee’s address- complete address
  • Service arrangement-door/door, door/pier, pier/pier, pier/door
  • Port of destination
  • Quantity of booking-no. of containers, LCL
  • Commodity classification
  • Special instructions
Do you accept rolling cargoes?

Yes, rolling cargoes are accepted however it will be a shipper’s risk.

Yes, but Motorcycle/ E-bikes and Scooters only.