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Safety is one of  our major Priority!


For more than 34 years in service, PAMBATO Cargo Forwarder Inc. has been protecting their employees, customer, cargo, facilities and operations.  Whether it’s inside and outside work, we ensure that everyone and everything is safe.


The safety of our people and in the workplace reaches deep into our culture.  We monitor closely our employee health and fitness, driving records and resources maintenance with the objective of zero accidents.  PAMBATO Cargo is very proud of its safety record.  We ensure that everyone is informed about the safety reminders and measures.  We always anticipate and assess all the risk that we might be encountering.  We focus on preventions and learn from the missed that we had.


Enhancing the safety culture is about more than removing hazards and institutionalizing safety procedure. It’s about the peoples behaviors and thoughts for the changing dynamics of today’s world.


We continue to improve everyday and find an opportunity for us to grow more.   We encourage everyone to put SAFETY FIRST!