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Why We Are Different?

“Treat like you would like to be treated”.  This is one of our philosophies in dealing with our customers.  We treat our customers and give them the best possible premium services.  We attend our customer’s issues quickly and focus on the solution.  We believe and practice the Golden Rule at PAMBATO Cargo Forwarder, Inc.


Our testimonials will prove on how we serve our customers and exceeds their requirements, above and beyond their expectations by being ready to help, accommodating, proactive, professional, ethical and efficient.   We give and let them feel that we are partners and not just business.   Satisfying our customer is our objective.  Blending with their needs and requirements would help us to achieve our objectives.


We also focus on continuous training with our employees because we do believe that this would help us to meet our goals and objectives- and to achieve business excellence.   We focus on the competence of our people, our procedures and our customer’s needs.  We do not use agents or subcontractors to serve our customers.  Personal touch would still be our forte.


From booking, pricing, pick up to delivery, we will always find a better and advanced technology to be more efficient, fast and productive so we could better serve our customers.  Traceability would be one of our top objectives so our customer could have real time accurate information about their cargoes.  We will continue to invest an additional resources and advanced customized technologies that will be used for our new customers and existing loyal customers. 


These strengths of PAMBATO Cargo Forwarder, Inc. will continue to offer a real value to our customers in terms of consistent premium quality service.